Hai Phong Radio – Television Station reports on CAG

The news was broadcasted at 8:00 PM on March 13th, 15th, and 16th, 2023 on Hai Phong Radio – Television Station, sharing information introducing CAG and our prominent projects such as:

– Cat Bi International Airport

– Vinacomin

– Lotte Hanoi

– VTV Tower

– Chipmong Commercial Center in Cambodia

This is an opportunity for CAG to promote our brand closer to the public, as well as to affirm the credibility and strength of the company. Thank you to the station for reporting! Please watch the introduction video of CAG below!


About CAG

CAG is a leading expert in designing, manufacturing, and constructing aluminum and glass facade solutions for various projects. Together with its partners, CAG creates energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products with the goal of sustainable development for both present and future generations.