Product Advantages

Lightweight material Reduce noise, glare, and harmful light
High color durability Prevent light reflection phenomenon
Control 90% of sunlight and create beautiful aesthetics Ventilation function helps control room temperature and save energy

The structure of Willow Leaves Sun Louver 


– Willow Leaves Sun Louver: made of super durable aluminum alloy, the surface is electrostatically painted or coated with Anodizing, PVDF.

– Calculated support structure.

– Suspension hooks.

– Expansion bolts, fixed screws.

Applications of Willow Leaves Aluminum Louver

– Air circulation, wind, and light flow in the building’s ventilation spaces

– Shingles in the lobby and floors

– Facade, roof of the building (installed outside the glass, forming a shell layer for the building)

– Suitable for both new buildings and the reconfiguration of existing facades.

– Suitable for all types of buildings from residential to public…