Product Advantages

Lightweight material High color durability
Preventing light reflection Ventilation feature helps keep the house moist, control room temperature, cool in summer, warm in winter and save energy
Control up to 90% of sunlight and create beautiful aesthetics Reduce noise, glare, and prevent harmful light

Construction of C-shaped Sun Louver System

– Material: Made of super durable aluminum alloy, the surface is coated with high-quality heat-resistant paint.

– Colors: Electrostatically painted surface with glossy, scratch-resistant finish, available in gray, white, grayish-white, cream or according to customer requirements.

– Standard dimensions: Length of 6000mm, width of 152mm.

– Thickness: 0.6 – 2.2mm.

– Supporting bars: aluminum alloy hooks with a maximum horizontal distance of 1500mm, and the vertical distance can be adjusted according to the design.

Application of C-shaped sun louvers

– The ventilation fins play a role in circulating air, wind and light for the building.

– Can be used for the roof and floors of a building.

– Used for facades, roofs of buildings (installed outside the glass surface, creating a shell for the building).

– Control and adjust the amount of reflected light entering the building.

– Used in new buildings as well as in the restructuring of existing facades.

– Suitable for all types of buildings from residential to public…