Product Advantages

The surface of the Unitized System facade is uniform, ensuring aesthetic criteria Easy construction, quick construction time to meet the requirements of projects with tight deadlines.
Tight quality control of the product at the factory The system is robust, with excellent adhesion and able to adapt to building movements
Tight structure, ensuring soundproofing, insulation and waterproofing for the building Construction can be carried out in unfavorable weather conditions

Unitized System Construction

The basic components of the Unitized System include aluminum, glass, gaskets (or silicone adhesive), and bolts/screws.

– The aluminum system: It is usually specified very clearly in the design documents. The factory will carry out the manufacturing process with high precision according to the approved design requirements.

– The glass: The glass used for the Unitized System is mostly insulated glass. However, single glass or safety glass can also be used. In the case of insulated glass, it typically consists of a reflective safety glass on the outside and a white tempered glass on the inside.

Applications of the Unitized System

– Used as the exterior glass wall of buildings, office towers, commercial centers, hotels, etc.

– The Unitized System is a high-tech construction product that can be used for buildings with special requirements such as noise reduction, soundproofing, or absolute thermal insulation.