Product Advantages

The structural glazing is carried out in the factory, ensuring quality control The small, flexible and convenient unitized panels are easy to install, maintain and replace
Quick installation, simple operation, short construction time and high efficiency in construction Various ways of assembling Semi facade: hidden frame, visible frame, combined hidden and visible frame
The traditional method of welding the structure between unitized panels and connecting adhesive is replaced by sealant strips, which not only ensure watertightness but also reduce pollution levels on the surface of the facade, improving the aesthetic and decorative effect Ensuring safety and stability, especially for high-rise buildings

Structure of Semi-Unitized System

The basic structure of the Semi-Unitized curtain wall system includes aluminum, glass, gasket (or silicone sealant), bolts, screws, etc.

Applications of Semi-Unitized System

The Semi-Unitized curtain wall system is commonly used as a glass wall for office buildings, commercial centers, administrative centers, hotels, etc.

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