Product Advantages

The system is simple, easy to design, fabricate, and install High flexibility, easy to apply to various constructions
Lower cost than other facade systems It has a safe structure and good waterproofing
Flexible in transportation, construction, and installation Allows construction of complex projects such as angular and non-homogeneous surfaces

Stick System structure

1. Stick curtain wall with visible frame structure

This structure has the advantage of creating a solid appearance for the building. With powder-coated aluminum, customers can freely choose different colors for the exterior mullions, creating a luxurious and durable look for the entire building.

Stick curtain wall with horizontal or vertical mullions (also known as a combination of visible and hidden mullion structure): will create accents with vertical or horizontal lines on the exterior surface of the entire building. The combination of horizontal and vertical mullions will create a unique and highly aesthetic feature.

2. Stick curtain wall with hidden frame structure

This structure has the outstanding advantage of not being divided by horizontal and vertical mullions, so the exterior surface of the building is a giant piece of glass, separated by small lines. This is not only convenient for decorating glass panels with different colors but also creates a large space, suitable for placing large electronic advertising screens.


Stick system facade is commonly used for:

– Glass walls for office buildings, shopping centers, administrative centers.

– Used as skylights, canopies for rooftop spaces instead of metal or tile roofs.