Product Advantages

Reduce noise, create a comfortable working and resting environment Insulating Glass helps users save electricity in summer and reduce heat loss in winter.
Increase the ability to transmit light Help reduce electricity consumption for the air conditioning system.

Insulating Glass Characteristics

– Soundproofing: The noise from the environment has been significantly reduced thanks to the air gap between the two glass layers.

– Thermal insulation: The air layer between the two glass layers has doubled the thermal insulation properties compared to regular single-pane glass.

– Anti-condensation: It has anti-condensation properties on the surface due to the air-absorbing material between the two glass layers.

Insulating Glass Applications

Insulating glass is the optimal choice for all architectural and construction projects, especially:

– Airports, buildings near highways and railways can benefit from the soundproofing properties of the glass.

– Doors and partitions of broadcasting studios, recording centers that require sound insulation.

– Office buildings, hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, and buildings with requirements to reduce heat, cold, and noise from the surrounding environment.

– Facilities that require strict humidity and temperature control, such as telephone switchboards, laboratories, and computer rooms.

– For use in non-pressurized control towers at airports, other environments with air that needs to be air-conditioned and condensation prevention.