Product Advantages

Limit heat transfer from outside to inside and from inside to outside, keep the temperature in the room stable, warm in winter and cool in summer Ensure brightness in the room
Ensure aesthetic appeal for the room Suitable for all uses and architectural designs
Diverse and abundant in color and variety Contribute to reducing greenhouse effects in general and significantly reduce air conditioning costs

Characteristics of Low Emissivity

– Low Emissivity is a type of double-layer glass with air space in between, coated with a special compound on the surface that helps to reduce heat absorption and slow down heat dissipation.

– Thermal insulation feature: Reduces the rate of heat transfer through the glass (W/m2.K). The rate of heat transfer is the amount of heat moving through the glass from the high-temperature area to the low-temperature area. The smaller the rate, the higher the thermal insulation capability.

– Types of Low Emissivity: Hard-coated Low Emissivity, hard-coated Low Emissivity with thermal control function, soft-coated Low Emissivity, soft-coated Low Emissivity with thermal control function.

Applications of Low Emissivity

Low Emissivity is especially suitable for construction projects in areas with tropical seasonal climates.