Product Advantages

Possess high load-bearing capacity many times greater than ordinary glass of the same thickness and type, capable of withstanding shocks, strong winds, and strong impacts Heat-strengthened glass walls will cause less harm to humans when broken because the glass will produce small, even, non-sharp fragments, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury
Aesthetics Create wide field of view

Characteristics of Heat-Strengthened Glass

– Has a higher hardness than regular glass of the same size and thickness, 2-3 times greater.

– When impacted and broken, the glass will crack in a long wave pattern from the center of the shock to the frame without shattering into dangerous large pieces like regular glass, or instantly breaking into small pieces like fully tempered glass.

– In addition, the flexibility of the glass is still maintained, ensuring safety for high-rise buildings that need to withstand wind pressure.

Applications of Heat-Strengthened Glass

Similar to tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass has high hardness and can withstand strong impacts, shock, high thermal stress, and is scratch-resistant. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for construction projects that require high safety, mechanical strength, and is used in interior decoration such as large glass walls, partitions, hydraulic doors, glass railings, glass staircases, aluminum glass windows, aluminum glass doors, car windows, glass tables, glass bathrooms, cabinets…