Product Advantages

Ability to resist dust and good soundproofing Made from tempered glass, so it can resist impact and has good thermal insulation
No need for a frame, creating a modern feel Does not limit the view, creating an open, elegant space
Allows natural light to fill the interior, saving electricity High safety level, difficult to break in as the lock is embedded in the floor

Structure of Hinged glass doors

The door is made of tempered glass with a thickness of 10 to 12mm, providing strength and durability, while also resisting noise, heat, and pollution. In addition, the clear glass helps to create a more elegant and open space with natural light.

Accessories included

– Door corner clip

– Door glass clip

– Door lock

– Door hinge

– Door handle

– Floor pivot clip


Hinged glass doors can be applied in many places in construction architecture such as entrance doors in building lobbies, doors in offices, interior doors of family apartments, and in processing workshops, etc.

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