Product Advantages

Diverse color options: with various diverse designs and sizes, scientifically designed The door has high durability, is not distorted or discolored, always retains its original beauty, and does not require maintenance fees
High safety: ensures maximum safety for customers Convenient in construction, maximizing all customer needs, suitable for many different architectural styles
Easy to install, convenient for cleaning and maintenance Easy to use: the door is designed to open and close smoothly, conveniently, with a stopper to prevent it from hitting the wall.

Construction of casement doors

– Glass: single glass, safety laminated glass, insulated glass, reflective glass, etc.

– Profile: frame and sash made of various materials such as aluminum, wood, or UPVC.

– Double rubber sealing system to ensure tightness.

– Metal hardware: multipoint lock, 3D adjustable hinge, handle, lock.

Features of casement doors

– Soundproofing and thermal insulation: aluminum profile with hollow spaces, glass box filled with inert gas, combined with a tight seal system, ensures good soundproofing and thermal insulation.

– The metal accessory system has multiple locking points, the door seal is designed inside, and safety glass or reinforced glass with metal bars can be used to protect against intrusion.

– Multi-point locking mechanism is used.

– The aluminum profile is non-flammable and fire-resistant, and can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that the door remains durable over time.

Classification of Casement Doors

– Classification based on opening direction: Casement doors that open inwards and casement doors that open outwards.

– Classification based on number of panels: Two-panel casement doors and four-panel casement doors.