Product Advantages

Rich and diverse in variety, meeting the preferences of every customer High aesthetic value: wide and luxurious aluminum and glass doors help expand the space and provide a panoramic view of the room
High load-bearing capacity and safety Convenient for cleaning and saving door maintenance costs
Convenient in construction and installation, ensuring safety Easy to clean and maintain

Structure of Gliding doors

Gliding doors typically have the following basic structure:

– Aluminum profile (frame, sash): the profile bars are made of high-quality aluminum alloy with advanced electrostatic powder coating technology, making the product durable over time and available in a variety of colors.

– Glass: can use single glass, safety film glass, insulated glass, etc.

– Gasket system, silicone sealant.

– Metal accessories: rollers (single or double rollers), handles, locks (single-point lock or multi-point lock), etc.

– Other materials.

Characteristics of Gliding Doors

Soundproof and Thermal Insulation Properties

Gliding doors and panels are made of aluminum profiles with a box structure divided into many empty compartments combined with sealing and metal accessory systems, creating a product with excellent soundproofing and high thermal insulation capabilities.


The absolute tightness of the product inhibits the flow of cold air in and hot air out, helping to save on electricity costs for air conditioning.

Wind-Pressure Resistance

The product can withstand wind pressure up to grade 11, qualifying it as safe for buildings located in windy areas.


The water pipes directed outside are designed on the door frame to prevent water from flowing inside as much as possible.

Types of Gliding Doors

– According to the number of panels: Gliding doors with 1 panel, 2 panels, 3 panels, and multiple panels. These products are often used in high-rise buildings, villas, high-end apartments, office towers, etc.

– According to the aluminum system used: Gliding doors using Xingfa aluminum, Hyundai aluminum, or other aluminum brands.