Product Advantages

High durability, easy maintenance, safe to use, and control temperature inside and outside Good noise reduction and environmental pollution resistance
Easier operation and maintenance Diverse in design, color, and can meet all architectural requirements

Characteristics of Awning Windows

– The window opens outward at a 45-degree angle. For larger windows, a limit bar is usually added to keep the window at a fixed 30-degree angle and prevent it from closing during use.

– Equipped with a multi-point locking system and double gaskets, when the window is closed, the locking system presses the frame and sash tightly together, creating a tight seal and high sound and thermal insulation. Additionally, the multi-point locking system also has anti-burglary functions.

– Maximizes space utilization: Opening and closing the window does not affect the space and usage area of the room.

– The outward opening design of the awning window increases its ability to draw in air and prevents rain from splashing in, making it possible to open the window for ventilation in rainy conditions.

Structure of Awning Windows

– Profile bar (frame, sash).

– Glass (adhesive glass, double-layer glass, tempered glass, etc.).

– Double gasket system ensures high sealing performance.

– Metal hardware system: multi-point lock, A-hinge, handle, lock, etc.

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