Product Advantages

Possess high load-bearing capacity many times greater than ordinary glass of the same thickness and type, capable of withstanding shocks, strong winds, and strong impacts Heat-strengthened glass walls will cause less harm to humans when broken because the glass will produce small, even, non-sharp fragments, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury
Aesthetics Create wide field of view

Structure of Tempered Glass

In essence, tempered glass walls consist of the following components:

–  Tempered glass

–  High-end accessories

Thickness of Tempered Glass

The thickness of this type of wall depends on the choice of tempered glass thickness, commonly available in thicknesses of 10mm and 12mm. These ensure both privacy and safety while maintaining transparency and aesthetic appeal.

Applications of Tempered Glass

Due to its outstanding characteristics and advantages, tempered glass walls are often used in high-stress locations, such as replacing external walls, as shower enclosures, and as room dividers.