Product Advantages

Beauty, sophistication High resistance to thermal shock, vibration, and good load bearing capacity, and absolute safety
Various and abundant designs Easy to clean

Glass Stairs Structure

Normally, there are various designs of glass stairs, so the accessories that come with them may or may not include the following basic ones:

– Glass: tempered glass, laminated glass

– Post: stainless steel, alloy, or bolted

– Handrail: made of wood, stainless steel, or PVC plastic. There are many designs and styles that are suitable for any space or area, easy to install, and coordinate with the architecture of the house.

– Single clamp, double clamp, glass clip: used to connect the post or concrete to the glass to ensure safety so that the glass does not fall.


Glass stairs have various shapes and different types:

– By shape: curved glass stairs; straight glass stairs.

– By post usage: glass stairs with posts (using double posts, using single posts, etc.); Glass stairs without posts (using single clamps, using double clamps, using clips, etc.).

– By material: glass railing and steps; glass railing combined with wooden or concrete steps; stainless steel glass stairs (stainless steel railing combined with glass steps), tempered glass stairs (tempered glass used for stairs), etc.


The following constructions are suitable for glass stair installation:

– Residential homes

– High-end villas

– Commercial centers, office buildings