Product Advantages

Elegant design, diverse styles and high aesthetic value Convenient: In case of power outage, the door will automatically stop and can be opened and closed easily by hand. The automatic device will resume operation immediately once power is restored
High safety: During the closing process, if the door collides with a person or obstacle, it will automatically reverse and open immediately. This ensures the safety of pedestrians and avoids damage to the door, prolonging its lifespan.

Basic structure of automatic door

– The control unit is the central control of the entire system.

– The sensor allows the door to have long-range scanning, sensitivity, and continuity.

– The motor unit with a large torque combined with a specially designed locking system helps the door operate smoothly without vibration.

– The technical box (RAIL BASE) is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, making the door frame strong and especially not subject to wear and tear during use.

Features of Automatic Doors

– Absolute smooth opening and closing: The automatic system with integrated spring control ensures absolute smooth opening and closing of the door.

– Flexible and elegant: The automatic system can be installed on a frame or directly integrated into the structure of the gate. The automatic device is integrated into an aluminum box with a creative design that can easily accommodate sensors inside.

– Safe and intelligent: The microprocessor circuit controls all door operations in real-time and the encoder detects the corner position. When an obstacle is encountered, the door immediately reverses and then closes at a slow speed to determine if the obstacle has moved or not.

Automatic Door Classification

– Horizontal sliding automatic doors.

– Revolving automatic doors.

– Curved sliding automatic doors.

– Folding sliding automatic doors.


Automatic doors, with good quality, high durability, various styles, and able to meet all installation requirements for different spaces and environmental temperatures. It is often widely used in airports, train stations, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, bookstores, shops, garages, villas, etc.