Product Advantages

The aluminum composite panel meets high requirements of users, which is a rich and diverse color palette with over 30 colors for customers to choose from. From basic colors to metal colors, fake antique brick colors, wood grain, granite, marble The aluminum panel is convenient and cost-saving, as it does not require plastering and painting when used as wall cladding. The aluminum composite panel can be bent to construct domes, round columns, curved corners, etc
The composite aluminum panel fully meets standards for moisture resistance, insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, material durability Adapts well to all weather conditions
It has good impact resistance It is easy to maintain and clean

The structure of aluminum-composite panel

– Protective plastic film layer to protect the decorative surface of the panel

– Surface paint layer (this layer determines the color of the aluminum-plastic panel and is divided into 2 types based on the location of use: indoor – PET coating and outdoor – PVDF coating)

– Front aluminum layer

– Adhesive layer

– Polyethylene core layer

– Back aluminum layer

– Primer layer for the back surface of the panel


– Signage, billboards in advertising industry

– Decoration for interior and exterior in construction projects

– Facade cladding

– Decoration of vehicle bodies, ship bodies, machine housings, high-rise elevator shafts

– Interior cladding for cars, boats

– Interior partition walls

– Used as ceilings, domes, elevator shafts, pipelines, etc.